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Sexually Transmitted Infections

  • The Center for Disease Control offers complete information on prevention, symptoms of, treatment, and testing for STI's. Click here to find out more.

  • The best way to prevent STI's is through abstinence.

  • Prevention of STI's can also be achieved by using a condom for EVERY sexual encounter.

  • Having fewer sexual partners also decreases your risk for STI's.

  • Sign up to have condoms mailed to your address free of charge through DelaWEAR ONE.

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  • Have you ever heard of a female condom? 

  • Check out this information from about internal condoms.

  • It's important to realize that oral sex is only safe sex if it's protected sex.

  • Condoms and dental dams are a great way to protect yourself if you plan on having oral sex.

If you have an STI, it is important to tell your partners. TellYourPartner is a safe and secure way to send an anonymous text to let them know they should be tested. 

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  • If you have symptoms of an STI, (sores or bumps, painful urination, unusual discharge from the vagina or penis, pain during sex, lower abdominal pain, fever, rash) get tested. Most STI's are treatable!

  • Contact your PCP, gynecologist or Planned Parenthood to make an appointment for confidential testing.

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